26th, 27h, 28th January 2023

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Liquid Biopsy and Precision Oncology
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Liquid Biopsy and Precision Oncology
Liquid Biopsy and Precision Oncology


After the success of the first editions, we bring you the eighth Symposium, with the same desire to offer and share the most recent knowledge about the different possibilities of liquid biopsy. As done before, we will approach the topic from interesting perspectives such as clinical utility, progress made in biological knowledge and the continuous technological advances, all of it in a scenario of training, discussion and addressing future challenges.

As organiser of the Symposium, I would like to introduce you to the scientific programme, bringing together a group of prominent experts who will lead a range of sessions and talks, during which we will address specific aspects of liquid biopsy and the different oncological pathologies.

Therefore, we hope you will enjoy the event and will regard it as a source of professional enrichment on the road to precision oncology.

More details about the VIII Liquid Biopsy Symposium will be coming soon.

Scientific coordinator

Dr. Rafael Lopez, Liquid Biopsy and Precision Oncology Symposium Coordinator
Dr. Rafael López

Medical Oncology Service
Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Santiago (CHUS)

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